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Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) investigators dedicate themselves with unflagging commitment to the promise of investigatory research, pursuing studies they hope will better the world - one cure, one intervention or one novel treatment at a time. Yet CHORI understands that an institution is only as innovative as the researchers and clinicians that drive its inquiries. Without the influx of younger generations of practicing researchers, the promise of science is an empty one.

Believing strongly that science education and research must be initiated and nurtured at the grass roots level, CHORI has committed to bringing new generations of researchers into the world of scientific inquiry by providing educational opportunities in biological science at all levels of schooling, from K-12 to the post-doctoral level. Several programs allow students to earn credit toward their high school classes or to their undergraduate and medical school degrees.

From educational programs for 4th and 5th graders to mentoring San Francisco Bay Area students, from Summer Research Programs to the opportunity for postdoctoral fellows to pursue individual research interests, CHORI is invested in educating the next generation of scientists to come.

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